Best Whiskey Reviews of July 2021

Each month, the team at Whisky Suggest looks to highlight the best whiskey reviews shared by the community. Best can be subjective, but these are some of the most entertaining, informative, unique, or spot-on whiskey reviews we could find. If you would like to be featured, be sure to keep writing those reviews in the Whisky Suggest App! Here are the best whiskey reviews of July 2021.

Bain’s Single Grain

  • Author: maltontiger
  • Rating: 86/100
  • Review: “creamy, buttery shortbread. Lots of vanilla and very smooth. Excellent for the price”

Balcones Texas Rye 100 Proof

  • Author: jdriip
  • Rating: 72/100
  • Review: “Nose: Mexican chocolate, coffee grounds, vegetable oil, apples and a hint of herbs. Palate: Semi-sweet, rounded, somewhat viscous, chocolate and coffee notes, none of the usual rye herbal notes. Finish: Medium length, chocolate and coffee notes and a strange vegetal note, maybe like the water from steamed broccoli?, idk, it’s a bit strange and not sure if I like it or not. This is unlike any other rye I have tasted. It’s unique, complex, weird, compelling.”

BenRiach Smoke Season

  • Author: Isenriel
  • Rating: 83/100
  • Review: “Sweet on the nose, toffee, honey, cereal and malty, hints of apple, pear, cake and white chocolate. Everything covered with campfire and ham smoke, slight citrusy zing. On the palate quite intense and oily, lots of chocolate and sweet notes, quite spicy. Finish medium to long, reveals back the fruits and citrus, which appeared on the nose. Pretty intense and drinkable. Smoke lingers in the back. Very interesting, very complex, worth much more than it costed (approx 39€)!”

George Dickel Rye Whisky

  • Author: jackfar177
  • Rating: 72/100
  • Review: “Well made whiskey but you better like dill cause it dominates the palate. I like dill but not this much. Certainly not nasty at all. I will happily consume the rest of the bottle probably in a Manhattan but there are so many other ryes I enjoy more. Glad I tried it. Next batter up.”

Glendronach 1995, cask #1654

  • Author: appleUser000711
  • Rating: 99/100
  • Review: “A punch in your face. An explosion of Gold and giggles, sweet after and stays long and loud.”

Glenmorangie 18 Year Old Extremely Rare

  • Author: rj8158
  • Rating: 90/100
  • Review: “Its a very prestigious presentation – the quality is evident & starts with the purchase price $$$$. No complaints. Great colour & quite generous around the Glencairn. It has a gentle soft, fruity nose which invites a taste – There’s a richness, honey, some gentle spice & a perfectly balanced, nicely warming finish, with a gentle wood well back when your after that next sip! I’ve enjoyed a few, ‘full on’, smoky drams recently, but this is fruity & spicy & tasty – full bodied & balanced – It is Not a sherry bomb, minimum bourbon influence & is an absolute winner for me.”

Jim Beam Devil’s Cut 90 Proof

  • Author: Meshnave
  • Rating: 35/100
  • Review: “It is like biting into a wooden barrel and then swallowing that same wooden barrel.”

Kirkland Premium Small Batch Bourbon

  • Author: rdav375
  • Rating: 60/100
  • Review: “very harsh. you feel the burn. using it to mix old fashions. was hoping for more. too much octane for my delicate palate”

Laphroaig Lore

  • Author: Schw3da
  • Rating: 97/100
  • Review: “Amazing dram! An explosion of aroma on the nose – peat, sherry, sea weed, spices. Oily on the palate with a wonderful balance between peat, sherry, mint and spices. Medium spicy and peaty finish. Oloroso really adds complexity to the wonderful Quarter Cask without destroying the balance. It is NAS but there is definitely some 18 or older age liquor there. Currently the best Laphroaig release.”

Teeling Single Malt

  • Author: hafssol
  • Rating: 79/100
  • Review: “My first Irish whiskey! A step aside from Scotch, with a peculiar and complex wood combination from wine casks, that’s already clear from the fruity and floral nose. Taste reveals crispy and a bit spicy, yet with some vanilla sweetness and pleasant crispy cereal notes. Once the initial fruity flavours fade, hints of fresh grass, chocolate and liquorice prevail, leaving a smooth finish, balanced between oak and slightly sour/sweet (white) wine lingering finish. Of course I can’t make comparisons on the Irish side, but it’s surely light and easy drinkable, yet tasty and offering a good quality for the price.”


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