Not-so-common cask finishes

A whisky that has been ‘cask finished’ spent its last maturation time in a cask that has previously been filled with something else. This transfers some part of the ‘old’ flavour to the whisky, which results in a more full, unique flavour. A sherry cask finish is probably the most well-known type of maturation, but whiskies that have been finished in sauternes casks (French white wine) or port casks (Portugese red wine) are also quite common. Some other types of double maturation, however, are very unique. Benromach 21 Year Old, Tokaji Finish Unique Tokaji wines are produced in a very… Read More

Unique Whisky Bottle Designs

The design of a whisky bottle is very important. For branding and sales of the distiller, but the bottle design can also even influence the way you experience a whisky. The designers of these whisky bottles made sure that their bottles stand out from the crowd. Simple & stylish Sometimes less is more. Elegant lines, simplicity and subtle details are often part of the most beautiful designs. Octomore Angel’s Envy Imperial Kavalan Single Malt Gouden Carolus   Fabrics & wood Unconventional combinations of glass, wood and fabrics sure make for a unique whisky bottle. Read More