Using Whisky Suggest – Submitting a New Whiskey

Whisky Suggest has a pretty comprehensive database, with tens of thousands of bottles categorized and listed. However, it is nowhere near complete. Distilleries are constantly creating new expressions. Independent bottlers are always finding new barrels to bottle up. And there are countless single cask variations that many of you want to capture in your collection or tasting notes. All that to say, we need your help to keep our whiskey database as accurate and up-to-date as possible. And we know you feel the same when it comes to tracking and sharing all the bottles you love. In this article, we… Read More

Distillery Profile: High West

Spirits. Elevated. When you think of famous homes for American Spirits, Utah has to be one of the last states that comes to mind.  In fact, way back in 2013 Time Magazine did a review of the “Best and Worst States for Drinking” and guess who came in last? Utah. Petition to change the state motto to: “the puritanical dream of temperance is alive and well in Utah!”  Utah’s influence from the LDS Church has always been at odds with the traditional “Wild West”, where the notion of “take my life, not my booze” is still… Read More

Whiskey or Whisky? A Lesson in Spelling, History, & Geography

Whiskey School is a series of posts created to help you better understand everything about the beverage we all love. From the history to the distillation process, from the different types to how to drink them, and more, Whiskey School will help you become a knowledgeable drinker to impress all your friends. Whiskey or Whisky? A question as old as the tasty beverage itself causing a debate that remains unsettled among some even today; is it spelled whiskey or whisky? More importantly, why are there different spellings, and does it even make a difference? Let’s start with the elephant in… Read More

Thirsty Thursday – Collectors Collecting

Thirsty Thursday is a featured segment where Whisky Suggest CEO Sean answers user questions, provides updates on the app and website, and shares his general musings on the whiskey world at large. Read last week’s Thirsty Thursday post here. Have a Collection? This week, my Whisky Suggest mind has been completely focused on collections. As my family and I are in the process of selling our house and preparing to move this summer, I had to box up my albeit limited collection. Apparently dozens of bottles of scotch and bourbon sitting out doesn’t sell homes; who… Read More

Most Wanted Whiskeys for June 2021

With Summer fast approaching and Father’s Day right around the corner, many of you took to the Whisky Suggest app to update your wishlists. Whether it’s a new release or a classic dram, these are the 10 Most Wanted Whiskeys for June 2021. This list was determined by Whisky Suggest wishlist activity in the month of May. Lagavulin 16 Year Old Consistently one of the top rated and collected Islay scotches, no surprises here that the Lagavulin 16 tops the list. While obviously bringing the peat and smoke, many of you agree that the overall balance… Read More

Thirsty Thursday – At The Wire

Thirsty Thursday is a featured segment where Whisky Suggest CEO Sean answers user questions, provides updates on the app and website, and shares his general musings on the whiskey world at large. Read last week’s Thirsty Thursday post here. Rabbit Hole’s First Single Barrel Pick The bourbon industry in Kentucky has generally been firmly rooted in tradition, with many of the big players operating in some form for many decades now. Rabbit Hole Distillery is not one of those traditional big players. Founded only in 2012 right in the heart of Louisville, Kentucky, Rabbit Hole is at the… Read More

Thirsty Thursday, Thoughts from the New Whisky Suggest CEO

Part of what we loved about Whisky Suggest was the abundance of information related to thousands of bottles of whiskey. Whether it be the unique flavor profiles, Top 10 lists compiled from actual user reviews, or the expansive database of whiskeys, it is clear that Whisky Suggest has always strived to be a top resource for whiskey lovers from around the world. While we aim to continue that goal, we also like to bring a little extra personality to everything. Even our FAQs got a facelift. So this marks the start of my weekly segment called Thirsty Thursday, Thoughts… Read More

Happy World Whisky Day!

The word whisky is derived from the Gaelic word “usisge breatha” which translates to water of life. Today marks the 10th anniversary of the official World Whisky Day celebration.  It was created in 2012 by Blair Bowman and “invites everyone to try a dram and celebrate the water of life.” Although this year has been marked by a lot of difficulty, World Whisky Day is about making whisky fun for all, and remembering that whisky is a global drink shared by those all over the world. “All you need to participate is a bottle of whisky/whiskey – whatever variety, however… Read More

Raise a Glass, Whisky Suggest is Back!

Whether you are brand new to the site or have been part of the whisky community for years, welcome! In late 2020 the original founder of Whisky Suggest wrote a heartfelt note to our members saying that he was going to pause all future development on the website and app. As a group of whisky enthusiasts, investors, and entrepreneurs, we saw this indefinite pause as both a loss for the great community of fellow whisky lovers using the app, and also an opportunity to own a business doing something we love. As of May 5th, 2021, Whisky Suggest has new… Read More

Whisky Rumors: New Whiskeys for 2021

In the United States, all alcoholic beverage manufacturers must submit the labels of their products to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) for approval. These labels are published on the TTB website under the Freedom of Information Act, which means that they’re available to see before the whiskies are released. Although it’s definitely not a guarantee that the submitted labels will actually end up on whisky bottles, or that these bottles will be released in any country other than the US, it is very interesting to look at. We all love rumors, right? These are some… Read More