How Does it Work?

Taste is a wondrous thing. People can experience different flavors, while tasting exactly the same thing. Especially with complex products, like whiskey. has collected well over 100.000 whiskey reviews and tasting notes. From both online and offline publications, and in different languages from all over the world. We have extracted all flavor related remarks from these tasting notes, combined them, and created Flavor Profiles. Basically, these profiles display what most people will taste in a whiskey.

With our Flavor Profiles, it’s possible to find whiskeys by flavor. Do you like a fruity whiskey with chunks of bacon? Or would you rather try a smoky whiskey, but without any notes of iodine? We’ll try to find it for you. Simply try our different search options and find your perfect dram! also offers the possibility to find new whiskeys by entering bottles you’ve tasted (and enjoyed) in the past. Either enter a whiskey and up to two flavors you’d like to see more (or less), or enter up to three whiskeys and let us do the math.

Our goal is to provide good suggestions on which dram to try next. Please keep in mind that is currently in beta, and still under development. For most of the rare and obscure whiskey types, we need more data to create a trustworthy Flavor Profile. And our recommendation engine will probably need some fine tuning as well. We will continue to collect and process whiskey reviews, but please send us your feedback and your tasting notes to speed up the process!

Oh, and make sure to send this website to your spouse, friends and family as well. That way you’ll be sure to receive a whiskey that you’ll love. Sip Confidently!