Thirsty Thursday – Bourbon Heritage Month

Thirsty Thursday is a featured segment where Whisky Suggest CEO Sean answers user questions, provides updates on the app and website, and shares his general musings on the whiskey world at large. Read the last Thirsty Thursday post here.

Is the Whisky Suggest Team Still Alive?

Hey everyone! Things have been pretty quiet on the blog and social media front, but I assure you, we are all alive and well. In fact, although it may not look like it, we have been busier than ever.

We are continuing to push new whiskeys to the app. We admittedly still aren’t updating at the pace we would like, and we apologize for the umpteenth time for making you wait if you have submitted missing whiskeys.

Also, we have been working really hard to get ready make some app updates in earnest. We are working closely with our new development team to scope and plan the future of the Whisky Suggest app. Much more to come here, but just know we aren’t sitting idly by and are working to deliver the best whiskey experience we can for each and every one of you.

Chatting with Customers

Another activity that has kept us busy has been talking with you, the community of whiskey enthusiasts that call the Whisky Suggest app home. While we have had the opportunity to exchange emails with many of you, we have recently started to conduct user interviews.

We hope to better understand what exactly it is about Whisky Suggest you love, and what are those nagging bugs or missing functionalities that are really holding us back. Also, everyone’s experience with whiskey is different, so we are also hoping to learn more about how our app fits in with your overall interaction with the broader whiskey community.

We are trying to get input from users of all levels from all over the world. Whether you are using the app to catalogue your massive collection of rare bottles, or are just getting started on your whiskey journey and looking for basic recommendations, we want to hear from you.

If you have some thoughts on what you love or what we can do better, do not hesitate to email us at or send us a message on Twitter or Facebook.

September is Bourbon Heritage Month

We’d be remiss if we didn’t formally point out that September is Bourbon Heritage Month in the United States. According to the Whiskey Wash, “In 2007, the U.S. Senate passed a resolution officially declaring September as ‘National Bourbon Heritage Month,’ celebrating the uniquely American history of the spirit.”

I personally find all the whiskey holidays a bit silly, but that could just be because I celebrate whiskey on an almost daily basis. To each their own. Although September has almost now come to a close, you still have a few days left to enjoy a bottle of your favorite 51%+ corn American spirit, or give something new a try.

Whatcha Drinking

Speaking of drinking bourbon…

Obviously I am drinking bourbon during Bourbon Heritage Month. Less obviously, the bourbon in my glass tonight is distilled and bottled not in Kentucky, but in the Empire State of New York.

I picked up these two (Whatcha Drinking two-for-one!) bottles right before I moved. They are Iron Smoke Straight Bourbon Whiskey and the barrel strength impression, Iron Smoke Casket Strength.

Both the standard and barrel strength bottles have a unique, four grain mash. To make things even more interesting, the mash is rounded out with an apple wood smoked wheat component. The smokiness is subtle, and really rounds out the full flavor of this bourbon.

I’m a big fan of a good wheated bourbon, and Iron Smoke doesn’t disappoint. The standard bottling is good, but the amplified flavors found in the higher proof Casket Strength really takes this distillery to the next level.


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