Thirsty Thursday – Canada Eh!

Thirsty Thursday is a featured segment where Whisky Suggest CEO Sean answers user questions, provides updates on the app and website, and shares his general musings on the whiskey world at large. Read the last Thirsty Thursday post here.

July is Upon Us…

Wow wow wow. The last month here at Whisky Suggest has just flown by, and we are all of a sudden in the heart of summer. It’s sunny. It’s hot. The world is starting to open up for travel again. Cheers to that!

While I am a firm believer that whiskey is the right drink for any season, summer can be a great time to switch things up! I mean sure, there is nothing wrong with cracking open a beer or a strong margarita, but I was thinking more… whiskey cocktails.

I generally reach for an Old Fashioned if I’m going down the cocktail route, but summer is a great time to add a little citrus to the mix. Whiskey pairs quite well with lemon and lime juice bases, and layering in some flavored syrups (basil, rosemary, mint) can really make for a tasty change of pace from a standard neat pour.

Website News

We’ve spent most of our time since taking over trying to learn and maintain. However, we are finally reaching a turning point and getting started on our first improvement project. Over the coming weeks, we will be making some changes specifically to the website.

We hope to clean things up a bit, and better streamline the overall web experience. In addition, we will refocus the website to be an informative companion resource for the app. Currently there is some overlapping experience on the app and the web, but it is a bit confusing and disjointed.

How are you using the website currently? Let us know in the comments below.

Happy Canada Day

For those website visitors and app users who call Canada home, happy Canada Day!

Even if you aren’t remotely Canadian and have zero ties to Canada, that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate! And by celebrate, obviously I mean drink Canadian Whisky. Not that you really need an excuse to enjoy a dram from the Great White North.

Outside of Canada, I think Canadian Whisky unfairly gets a bad wrap. Many people have little familiarity with Canadian Whisky beyond the lower shelf expression of Crown Royal and Canadian Club. There are plenty of quality bottles to be had. I personally am quite fond of the Alberta Premium Cask Strength Rye. But what do the Whisky Suggest users think?

Here are the top 5 highest rated Canadian Whiskies (with at least 5 ratings) in the app as decided by you:

  1. Crown Royal XR Waterloo (92/100)
  2. Canadian Club 41 Year Old Chronicles (91/100)
  3. Crown Royal Noble Collection French Oak Cask Finished (90/100)
  4. Forty Creek Confederation Oak Reserve (88/100)
  5. JP Wiser’s Legacy (88/100)


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