Thirsty Thursday – Summer Heat

Thirsty Thursday is a featured segment where Whisky Suggest CEO Sean answers user questions, provides updates on the app and website, and shares his general musings on the whiskey world at large. Read the last Thirsty Thursday post here.

It’s Been a While

This started as weekly post. Now it’s more of a… whenever it feels right… kinda post. That is how summer goes. Personally, I’ve taken a little vacation time, completed my move to Virginia, and mostly unpacked some boxes. Last time, I complained about moving all my whiskey, but I’m sure everyone will be relieved and excited to know all my bottles made it here intact and untainted.

As far as Whisky Suggest is concerned, we realized we let the summer vibes get the best of us and have recently doubled-down on our efforts to get your whiskey submissions added. For real this time.

Also, we have begun our app improvement planning in earnest. I have some exciting news that we aren’t quite ready to announce, but trust me, things are happening. The promise we made to keep Whisky Suggest growing back in May will soon be fulfilled. Much more to come there!

Drinking in a Cave

As mentioned, I took a little vacation time a few weeks ago. I travelled with my wife and some friends to Southwestern Florida. Naturally, the trip involved relaxing, laying around by the pool, riding on a boat, and enjoying the summer sun of Florida. Probably also unsurprisingly, the trip involved whiskey.

Not sure how many Whisky Suggest readers are from or vacation in the Naples, FL area, but if you ever find yourself there, you need to check out the Cave Bistro and Wine Bar. Don’t let the name fool you. While they do have a great wine selection, they most definitely know their way around whiskey and cocktails as well. And yes, it looks like a cave inside. That part of the name isn’t fooling anybody.

It’s a cave! In a restaurant! With whiskey!! – Image courtesy of Instagram
Seriously. Check out all that whiskey! – Image courtesy of Instagram

Maybe the best part of the experience, aside from all of the hand-crafted, delicious cocktails was the wine/liquor shop attached that stays open as long as the bar does. Liquor shopping after a few cocktails is a dangerous proposition, but being able to try before you buy is awesome!

Its always great talking with knowledgeable bartenders and letting them work their cocktail magic. Snagged this Barrell Bourbon single barrel store pick from the Cave to take home with me! And I got to meet the store manager who picked the barrel to bottle for the store, which was a fascinating discussion.

I’m on the Twitter

A little shameless plug here, but you can now find me, in my official capacity as CEO of Whisky Suggest, on the twitter. If you are like me and rely on twitter for your daily does of whiskey related content, why not give me a follow? You can find me using the handle @WhiskyCEO, just like my Whisky Suggest username. Follow me on the app too while you are it!

I decided I wanted a slightly less formal space to network and share my musings online. Carving out my space in the whiskey world, if you will. Actually. Let’s be honest. It will probably just be pictures of empty whiskey bottles and my dog.

And since you are so generously giving away follows, make sure to follow the official Whisky Suggest twitter account as well. Like us on Facebook too? Subscribe to our email list? Do we even have a email list?

Whatcha Drinking

Nope. Not one of the dozens of bottles I unpacked. Of course not!

Actually, when our realtor here in VA found out I like whiskey, she gifted me a bottle of Joseph Magnus Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Although it is distilled in Indiana by mega-producer MGP, it is finished and bottled right here in Washington, DC. And it is pretty tasty, so an excellent closing gift all around

It definitely has a unique flavor, brought on by the mix of Oloroso Sherry, PX Sherry, and Cognac finishes the bourbon undergoes. This all brings out a lot of rich, nutty sweetness that you don’t find in many bourbons. A bit pricey for a bottle of NAS bourbon, but certainly worth a taste if you can grab a dram from a friend or at a bar.


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