Thirsty Thursday, Thoughts from the New Whisky Suggest CEO

Part of what we loved about Whisky Suggest was the abundance of information related to thousands of bottles of whiskey. Whether it be the unique flavor profiles, Top 10 lists compiled from actual user reviews, or the expansive database of whiskeys, it is clear that Whisky Suggest has always strived to be a top resource for whiskey lovers from around the world.

While we aim to continue that goal, we also like to bring a little extra personality to everything. Even our FAQs got a facelift. So this marks the start of my weekly segment called Thirsty Thursday, Thoughts from the New Whisky Suggest CEO. I hope to answer user questions, provide updates on the app and website, and otherwise ramble on about whiskey.

Day 22 and Counting

So, it’s been over three weeks now since we officially acquired Whisky Suggest. Aside from a few more “E”’s popping up in our American spelling of whiskey, not much should have changed. Although we have been in discussions with the previous owner for months prior to this, we are still definitely trying to take our time, learn, and most importantly, not break anything.

I have had the pleasure of exchanging emails with some of you already, and I hope to get to know many more of you over the coming days. We have big plans to reinvigorate and grow the platform, but we also want to make sure we are fixing the little things along the way. As always, if you have feedback or spot any issues, you can contact us via the feedback form in the app or email us directly at

As we continue to get a grasp on things, slowly expect some small improvements and bug fixes to the app in the near future. You should see a more steady flow of content on the blog, as well as on our twitter account and facebook page. We also have restarted our newsletter, so some more emails will also be coming your way.

We are continuously updating our database with whiskeys you have discovered, and I promise we will get to your submission as soon as we can. There is still a lot of work ahead of us, but I am excited to grow this community.

Whiskey Expert Advice Roundup

In addition to showcasing our personality and voice, we want to provide more educational content. Many longtime users of the app are probably well versed in all things whiskey. However, there are probably many of you just starting out on your whiskey journey, and we are here to help. If you have a specific question you are dying to get answered, be sure to let us know!

To start things off, I was actually asked to be featured in an article for, a home improvement and moving website. While this may not seem like the first site you would check out for whiskey education, they compiled a pretty solid article with input from some other very knowledgeable whiskey folk. In it, they answer questions like: 

  • What does ‘peaty’ mean?
  • How to store your whiskey?
  • Why join a whiskey club?

It was fun to participate and connect with others as we dive deeper into the whiskey world. Also, it was nice to be referred to as an “expert”! You can see my question and response in the full article on Porch’s blog, linked below. 

How to Store, Taste, Preserve and Mix Whisky: Tips from the Experts

Whatcha Drinkin?

In the United States, this weekend celebrates Memorial Day, a holiday to honor the fallen soldiers of wars past and present. It also tends to be a long weekend to open up the pool or fire up the barbecue. And in a long story for another time, the team here and our close friends also recognize this as “Sneaky Falcon” weekend.

So obviously I will be partaking in the official highly unofficial whiskey of Sneaky Falcon, King’s Falcon Scotch. We love it because of, you know, the falcon on the bottle. “A dram fit for a king” is not a phrase one would use to describe King’s Falcon.

I wouldn’t necessarily describe his royal majesty’s falcon as good per se, but it’s a fine blended scotch. Fine as in okay, not as in like a fine wine. Adequate maybe? It’s scotch anyway.

I am definitely no age snob, but this minimally aged scotch (no age statement on the bottle) lacks much in complexity. Again, not terrible, just not good. Definitely some ethanol notes in there, along with the hints of oak and vanilla. The headache that is guaranteed to ensue the next morning after even letting one sip cross your lips however… Yikes.

The real allure of King’s Falcon to me now is that it is such a mystery. Where does it come from? Who makes it? Does anyone beyond our friend circle even drink this? Why haven’t I tried the sherry cask finished expression yet? If it’s really as bad as I’ve described it, why am I still writing about it?

But seriously though, does anyone know anything about this whiskey? I’ve tried asking around on reddit, but I cannot track down any information about who owns or distills this brand. I need your help Whisky Suggest friends!

Because the logical next step after purchasing a whiskey review and recommendation platform is obviously buying a falcon branded scotch.

I’m kidding.

…sort of…

It’s a Wrap

I am looking forward to a long, holiday weekend (and a hefty pour of the Falcon in my cup). But I am also looking forward to more things to come here at Whisky Suggest. There truly is a great community here! I love trying new whiskeys of all kinds, but I can already tell from seeing what you all are drinking in the app (my Whisky Suggest username is WhiskyCEO) that I have a lot to learn, and a lot to try.

Thank you for continuing to welcome us, and cheers!


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