Top 10 Father's Day Whiskies

Although pretty much every day is a good day to buy your father a bottle of whisky, Father's Day is an excellent day to share a good glass. We're sure that your dad will enjoy any whisky that's given to him, but we've compiled a list with 10 excellent Father's Day themed whiskies just to be sure. Need more Father's Day suggestions? Here's a list with the Top 10 Most Wanted Whiskies, and this list contains the 10 Most Popular Whiskies in the Whisky Suggest App.
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  1. Highland Park Valfather

    Rating: 80/100

    Single Malt, 47%

    From: € 54.85
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  2. Wolfburn Fathers Day 2020

    Not rated yet

    Single Malt, 51.3%

    From: € 69.00
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  3. Isle of Jura The Paps

    Rating: 83/100

    Single Malt, 45.6%

    From: € 62.91
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  4. The Godfather 05 Year Old

    Not rated yet

    Bourbon, 45%

    From: € 59.00
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  5. Dad's Hat Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey

    Rating: 69/100

    Rye, 45%

    From: € 41.90
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  6. Big Peat The Vatertag Edition

    Rating: 83/100

    Blended Malt, 48%

    From: € 49.90
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  7. Old Man of Hoy 12 Year Old

    Rating: 87/100

    Single Malt, 43%

    From: € 80.00
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  8. Mackmyra Rotspon Triple Wood Big Daddy

    Rating: 73/100

    Single Malt, 53.5%

    From: € 89.90
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  9. Not Your Father's Bourbon

    Rating: 46/100

    Flavored whisky, 43%

    From: € 24.99
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  10. Dad's Hat Bottled in Bond

    Rating: 77/100

    Rye, 50%

    From: Unknown
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