Top 10 Father's Day Whiskies

Although pretty much every day is a good day to buy your father a bottle of whisky, Father's Day is an excellent day to share a good glass. We're sure that your dad will enjoy any whisky that's given to him, but we've compiled a list with 10 excellent Father's Day themed whiskies just to be sure. Whisky Suggest is now Abov! Want to make sure you get the right thing next year? Have your Dad download the Whisky Suggest app on Android or iOS, follow him, and have him add his most wanted items to his wishlist. Next year you'll get him the whisky of his dreams and you both can sip confidently! </br /> </br /> -> Ready to order? Try ReserveBar (USA), The Whisky Exchange (UK) or Master of Malt (int. orders). Or download our app for more shops. </br />

  1. Highland Park Valfather

    Rating: 81/100

    Single Malt, 47%

    From: € 54.85
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  2. Wolfburn Fathers Day 2020

    Rating: 75/100

    Single Malt, 51.3%

    From: € 69.00
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  3. Isle of Jura The Paps

    Rating: 83/100

    Single Malt, 45.6%

    From: € 67.90
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  4. The Godfather 05 Year Old

    Not rated yet

    Bourbon, 45%

    From: € 59.00
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  5. Dad's Hat Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey

    Rating: 68/100

    Rye, 45%

    From: € 48.90
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  6. Big Peat The Vatertag Edition

    Rating: 83/100

    Blended Malt, 48%

    From: € 49.90
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  7. Old Man of Hoy 12 Year Old

    Rating: 87/100

    Single Malt, 43%

    From: € 80.00
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  8. Mackmyra Rotspon Triple Wood Big Daddy

    Rating: 73/100

    Single Malt, 53.5%

    From: € 89.90
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  9. Not Your Father's Bourbon

    Rating: 46/100

    Flavored whisky, 43%

    From: € 24.99
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  10. Dad's Hat Bottled in Bond

    Rating: 77/100

    Rye, 50%

    From: Unknown
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