Whisky Bottle Photo Tips

The option to upload your own photo of whiskies that don’t have a photo yet, is a popular feature in our Whisky Suggest App. We’ve received hundreds of bottle photos, but because of quality issues, we had to reject a few dozen, unfortunately. Want to make sure that your photo is accepted, and visible in the Whisky Suggest App? It’s easy, with these simple tips.

1. Good lighting

Dark photos obviously are not ideal, but an overexposed bottle can be hard to read, too. Try taking photos during the day for the best daylight results.

2. Steady hands

Shaky hands may result in shaky photos. Before submitting, check your photo and see if the letters on the label are readable. If not, take another shot and try not to move while taking the photo.

3. Capture the entire bottle

Readable close ups of whisky labels are nice to have, but a good photo of the entire whisky bottle are even better. Try capturing the whole bottle. Preferably without thumbs, knees, etc. – also see tip #4.

4. Check the background

Although the whisky bottle is the most important aspect of the photo, make sure to check the background of your photo, before submitting it. A messy kitchen sink, hairy legs, dancing spouses and a garage with car parts all over the place – we’ve seen it all. Generally: the cleaner and lighter, the better.

5. Make sure it’s the correct bottle

Do the brand age, abv, cask type (or number) and bottler of your bottle correspond with the information of an existing whisky in the Whisky Suggest App? If so, go ahead and upload the photo on that whisky’s profile page. If not, please suggest a new whisky and attach your photo to that new suggestion.

Examples of good whisky photos, by RegisRo, FloLagavulin and cvsizemore


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