Whisky Rumors: New Whiskeys for 2021

In the United States, all alcoholic beverage manufacturers must submit the labels of their products to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) for approval. These labels are published on the TTB website under the Freedom of Information Act, which means that they’re available to see before the whiskies are released.

Although it’s definitely not a guarantee that the submitted labels will actually end up on whisky bottles, or that these bottles will be released in any country other than the US, it is very interesting to look at. We all love rumors, right?

These are some of the most interesting new whiskies (in alphabetical order) that may appear in stores in the next few months:

Ardbeg Scorch

The char level of whisk(e)y casks can have a big influence on the flavor of the final product. Ardbeg Scorch is matured in the distillery’s most heavily charred casks, resulting in a fiercely flavored whisky.

Benriach Malting Season

Benriach (yes, they’ve ditched the capital R during their recent rebranding) seems to be working on a new Malting Season range, ‘celebrating the Benriach floor maltings’. The First Release was distilled in 2012 and matured in virgin oak and ex-bourbon casks.

Baker’s Exclusive Selection

Jim Beam Distillery appears to be introducing a new Baker’s Exclusive Selection single barrel series. The first release is dubbed Stranger & Stranger and is bottled at 107 proof after aging for 12.5 years.

Bladnoch Vinaya

While Bladnoch has introduced several whiskies with a clear age statement recently, the new Vinaya doesn’t seem to have one. The label reveals that it’s a bourbon and sherry cask matured single malt, bottled at 46.7% abv.

Dewar’s Japanese Smooth

Considering the amount of Mizunara wood finished single malts and even blends, this once fairly exclusive type of Mongolian oak is one of the latest hypes. Dewar’s used it to finish their latest, eight year old blended Scotch whisky.

Glenmorangie X

Bottled at 40% abv and with a clear ‘Made for Mixing’ label, Glenmorangie doesn’t set high expectations with the label of Glenmorangie X. No signs on which flavors to expect, apart from the usual ‘sweet and rich’.

Laphroaig 10 Year Old Sherry Finish

What happens when you combine the medicinal Laphroaig peat with dry & sweet Oloroso flavors? We’re probably able to find out, soon. Bottled at 48% abv, many of the Whisky Suggest members will be tempted to add this whisky to their wish list straight away.

Longrow Red 10 Year Old Malbec

The youngest release in Longrow’s wine finished Red series yet, appears to be coming in 2021. After 7 years in bourbon barrels, the peated Springbank spirit is transferred into South African wine barrels for an additional three years.

Octomore Edition 12

Judging by the labels, all three whiskies of Bruichladdich’s annual Octomore release are 5 years old. Edition 12.1 was fully matured in bourbon casks, Edition 12.2 in bourbon and ‘SC’ casks and Edition 12.3 in bourbon and ‘PXC’ casks. Maybe Sauternes and probably Pedro Ximénez sherry?

Old Forester Single Barrel Rye

Old Forester’s standard 100 proof rye (which has a 65% rye mash bill) is about to get a barrel strength brother or sister. Old Forester Single Barrel Rye Barrel Strength will be bottled at around 120 proof, or 60% abv.

Smooth Ambler Old Scout Port Cask Finished Rye

Smooth Ambler’s latest Old Scout straight rye whiskey is finished in French oak Port wine casks, which makes it a truly international blend of flavors; Portuguese wine, French wood and Indiana distilled rye whiskey.


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