Glengoyne 17 Year Old

Glengoyne 17 Year Old
Whisky Glengoyne 17 Year Old
Country Scotland
Region Highlands
Type Single Malt
Age 17 years old
Abv 43%
Rating 84/100
Reviews of Glengoyne 17 Year Old
says on May 30, 2019
Would you buy this again? No
Rating: 83/100
Color: Burnished

General description

Nice, yet not great. The sherry influence is subtle, giving the spirit the ability to make its mark, but perhaps the cask influence is just a little too subtle, leading to a very enjoyable, easy drinking whisky that lacks just a bit of complexity and richness to be truely remarkable.



chocolate, wood, honey, orange and orangezeste, soft spices (clove).



a soft arrival, with the chocolate taking the lead, mainly followed by honey, vanilla spices. weird, you'd expect the sherry cask to push through here, but it's all quite minimal, very, very gentle and maybe just a wee bit underwhelming perhaps?



medium long finish, with soft elements of nuts and wood

says on October 13, 2018
Would you buy this again? Yes
Rating: 80/100
Color: Russetmuscat

General description

strong start, mild finish!

says on April 1, 2017
Would you buy this again? Yes
Rating: 88/100
Color: Amber

General description

Better than average for a Highlander; not my favorite scotch region. A complex, well-balanced flavor seems a little less 'floral' than most Highlanders. Pricey, too much so for an everyday whisky (at least on my budget), but worth an occasional splurge.

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Flavour profile

  • Sweet
  • Oak
  • Fruit
  • Malt
  • Sherry
  • Apple
  • Orange
  • Vanilla
  • Honey
  • Wood
  • Spice
  • Rich
  • Raisin
  • Bitter
  • Toffee
  • Smooth
  • Citrus
  • Delicate
  • Light
  • Dry
  • Cream
  • Complex
  • Pleasant
  • Pepper
  • Mint
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