Dry Fly Washington Bourbon 101

Dry Fly Washington Bourbon 101
Whisky Dry Fly Washington Bourbon 101
Country United States
Type Bourbon
Cask American Oak
Age 4 years old
Abv 50.5%
Rating 78/100
Reviews of Dry Fly Washington Bourbon 101
says on October 23, 2019
Would you buy this again? Yes
Rating: 89/100
Finish strength: Long
Color: Tawny

General description

While not unfamiliar with this distillery from Idaho's neighbor state, Washington, this spirit has succeeded in capturing my attention with its good performance. Dry Fly is most definitely on my radar now.

- Made in: Washington, USA
- Distiller: Dry Fly Distilling
- Classification: Straight Washington Bourbon Whiskey
- Age: 4 yrs. in new 53-gallon oak barrels*
- Mash bill: corn=55%, triticale=45% (triticale is a wheat/rye hybrid, first bred during the late 1800s in Glencairn and Scottish laboraties)*
- Casks: undisclosed
- Barrel Entry Proof: undisclosed
- ABV: 50.5% (101 proof)
- Enjoyment method: neat from a Glencairn glass with father and fellow reviewer, Brian Dawson (username: bdawson57). Check out his review for this bourbon and many others on his profile!
*Information obtained via dryflydistilling.com

SETTING: As a simple-tasting bourbon, I don't think the setting needs to be too complex either. Still poignant, however, this is a phenomenal drink to have at the bar with a multitude of friends. Don't think too much about the drink, but more about the laughs and smiles of great company in a cozy atmosphere. You're blessed.


This first scents that erupt from the glass are earthy in nature, with oak, hay, and rich, damp soil. The alcohol is not overly aggressive, making deep breaths from the Glencairn not too dangerous. Further nosing coaxes fresh apples, graham crackers, or perhaps maple syrup. Overall, very nice. Not explosive or particularly warming, but comforting and calming all the same.


- Mouth feel: fresh with a bit of grit
- Balance: good balance - maybe a touch spice forward, but not in a bad way
- Visual: clinging crown with fast dropping legs
- Taste: This spirit offers particularly bright flavors that mix very nicely with the alcohol burn, almost as though alcohol is meant to function as a key component for flavor. It is not overly complex, but still very nice. A greater statement with black pepper is made after a time, which eventually gives way to seasoned oak and toasted pecans. I feel as though there is a citrus element between sips, maybe blood orange? A Kentucky chew brings the blood orange a lot more forward to mix with a newfound vanilla custard. Overall, a solid bourbon on taste that is gently warming. Great value!


- Lasting power: Fairly long finish that I wouldn't have expected from a fresh-tasting bourbon. The warmth sits in the mouth especially, but there is still a warmth that just lingers down into the chest.
- No More: There's more vanilla on the taste towards the bottom of the glass, but the freshness remains. Again, simple, but not in the slightest a disappointment. Definitely makes me want to pay more attention to this distillery and its future releases. The empty glass smells of straight-up fresh oak. The spirit also improved in quality towards the bottom of the glass ;)

says on October 2, 2019
Would you buy this again? Yes
Rating: 89/100
Finish strength: Long
Color: Auburn, Polished Mahogany

General description

I rarely write a review when the stopper of a new whiskey is popped, but do make a few mental notes while enjoying a dram or two.  Such was the case after Dry Fly Straight Washington Bourbon 101 Whiskey (Dry Fly 101) was opened.  I remember thinking this was a good one and when the cork was pulled again, it was with GREAT anticipation.  The reward: Dry Fly 101 ticks all my boxes: aromatic, subtle sweetness, heat, and earthy oak.  While challenging to find, I highly recomend this juice.

REGION: Washington, USA
DISTILLER: Dry Fly Distilling
MASH BILL*: Corn: 55%; Triticale: 45%
(Triticale is a wheat/rye hybrid, first bred during the late 1800's in German and Scottish laboratories.)
AGE*: 4 years
Aged in new 53-gallon oak barrels*
ABV: 50.5% (101 Proof)
*From < dryflydistilling.com >

I drank it neat, from a Glencairn glass.

The rating below is similar to my reviews of Booker's 2018-01 Kathleen's Batch, Bulleit Barrel Strength Batch 4, Elijah Craig Barrel Proof B518, Michter's Bourbon, and Old Forester Statesman.


Dry Fly 101's sweet wheat, hints of ripe dark berries, sweet Rainer cherries and fresh cut green apples smothered in soft caramel waft from the Glencairn.  Its spice comes in as faint cinnamon and rich vanilla hidden in crescent roll dough.  The sweetness of maple sugar and buttery toffee is an added treat as it mixes with regal toasted and spicy barrel notes of new oak.  Dry Fly 101's aroma has so many scents, it is difficult to discern them all before a first draw is demanded.


Upon entering the mouth the liquid glides back to provide the throat with a lingering burn, much more than one might expect from 101 proof.  Few of the aromas pass to the palate but once the heat is mastered, the mash peeks in: corn and subtle wheat, but now rye shines.  Plentiful and well blended allspice and black pepper nearly mask the vanilla to provide an intensely earthy, toffee-like barrel of heavy and strong spicy oak.  If this is the trick of Triticale, more distillers should experiment with the grain.  It works: the mouth salavates for more.

Balance, Body, Feel and Look:
Dry Fly 101 is a dangerous and inviting balance of aromas, heat and sweet.  A big viscous mouthfeel first bites then fades to a pleasant throat tickle.  Long quick dropping legs leave an up-side-down crown clinging to the inside of the Glencairn.


When the liquid is swallowed pepper and rye linger for a long time then give way to a tickling burn in the throat.  There is an idea of confection, but from what ... bittersweet chocolate?  When the glass is emptied earthy heavy oak wafts from the Glencairn.

says on December 24, 2017
Would you buy this again? Yes
Rating: 92/100
Color: Amber

General description

Very different. Exciting and spicy.

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Flavour profile

  • Wood
  • Vanilla
  • Spice
  • Bourbon
  • Zest
  • Wine
  • Usual
  • Sweet
  • Orange
  • Long finish
  • Liquor
  • Dry
  • Corn
  • Complex
  • Caramel
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