Grand Macnish Original

Grand Macnish Original
Whisky Grand Macnish Original
Country Scotland
Type Blend
Abv 40%
Rating 66/100
Reviews of Grand Macnish Original
says on August 13, 2017
Would you buy this again? No
Rating: 5/100
Finish strength: Medium
Color: Gin clear

General description

Adding water makes it less aggressive


Very strong, aggressive alcohol - not pleasant.


Rather empty.


rough alcohol

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Flavour profile

  • Sweet
  • Lavender
  • Heather
  • Floral
  • Young
  • Vanilla
  • Toffee
  • Rich
  • Pale gold
  • Lively
  • Lingering
  • Honey
  • Grass
  • Fudge
  • Fruit
  • Fresh
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