Knockando 1996 Slow Matured

Knockando 1996 Slow Matured
Whisky Knockando 1996 Slow Matured
Type Single Malt
Cask Sherry
Age 18 years old
Abv 43%
Rating 77/100
Reviews of Knockando 1996 Slow Matured
says on December 21, 2020
Would you buy this again? Yes
Rating: 84/100
Finish strength: Long
Color: Burnished

General description

Süß und fruchtig. Reif mit Eiche. Einfach toll und bezahlbar


Fruchtig süß, Erdnüsse, dunkle trockene Früchte, etwas Honig, leichte Eiche


Sherrysüße, Gewürze, Nuss, Eiche, trocken


Wieder trocken, lang, warm, leichte Süße im Hintergrund

says on April 24, 2018
Would you buy this again? Yes
Rating: 80/100
Color: Deep gold

General description

Tasting @ whisky café L&B Amsterdam. Round 2.
This Knockando 18Y slow sherry matured comes from Speyside at 43%, it's uncoloured and unfiltered.
Knockando is Gaelic for little black hill.

Nice legs are sliding down, whilst fruity sweetness rises from my nosing glass.
A nice fruity sweetness of pear and apple accompanied by vanilla and toffee. 2nd nosing turned a bit floral. Nice.

On the palate it is even sweeter with again heavy toffee and caramel. A malty orange and bitter nut takes some time to develop. The palate ends with a dry cinnamon.

The medium sweet spicy finish is teeth covering. summer fruits can be detected and is balanced with the bitter coffee/chocolate. Although very mellow and nice, this 18Y lost some points on it's shortage.

Considering it's price I would recommend this one to all of you.
I checked two dutch online shops. Both have this one as cheapest 18Y available. It's even cheaper than the Chivas Regal 18.
It's about 44€/70CL.

80 points.

says on April 22, 2018
Would you buy this again? No
Rating: 79/100
Finish strength: Medium
Color: Burnished

General description

Good quality standard sherry whisky. Would have benefitted from more %


Dried fruit (raisins, plums), cinnamon and caramel. Very sweet! Fresh cow milk and vanilla.


Again really sweet, mild, oranges and milkchocolate.


Salt, caramel and nice bitter chocolate.

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