Glen Moray 1998 (Riegger’s Selection)

Glen Moray 1998 (Riegger’s Selection)
Whisky Glen Moray 1998 (Riegger’s Selection)
Type Single Malt
Cask Dessert Wine
Age 17 years old
Abv 52.5%
Rating 50/100
Reviews of Glen Moray 1998 (Riegger’s Selection)
says on February 2, 2020
Would you buy this again? No
Rating: 50/100
Finish strength: Long
Color: Amber

General description

not very enjoyable, because either too strong (without added water) or like a hangover (with added water)


very strong in the nose and woody, the alcohol covers everything, there may be some herbs and green leaves, with some drops of water added there is some dark chocolate developing, still a lot of oak


not as strong on the palate as expected, there is still a lot of alcohol, but not too much to notice the candy sweetness in the taste and the apple seeds mouthfeel, there is a quite interesting green note like from Brussels sprout or kohlrabi, with some drops of water added nicer with smooth mouthfeel, vanilla a bit clearer now, but also some vinegar-sour mustard note, not very exciting to me


warm and long, feels like a hangover

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