J.T.S. Brown Bottled in Bond

J.T.S. Brown Bottled in Bond
Whisky J.T.S. Brown Bottled in Bond
Type Bourbon
Cask American Oak
Abv 50%
Rating 74/100
Reviews of J.T.S. Brown Bottled in Bond
says on March 26, 2020
Would you buy this again? Yes
Rating: 69/100
Finish strength: Long
Color: Tawny

General description

Notes: Good for neat, but probably better for mixing, or water cut. Good on the rocks, more Bourbony and toned down.
It is inconsistent from batch to batch,
and therefore it goes down in rating from a potential rating of 4.0 to 3.31 out of 5. When it is good, it is good, and when it is not so good
it is just another average bourbon. A little like a toned down but higher proof version of George Dickel. Best Bargain for Bottled in Bond prices, if you want a cheap higher octane whiskey; but for 100 proof is is not that flavorful.


Sweet Corn, Citrus, Bread, Vanilla, light Butterscotch


Sweet Corn, Butterscotch, Citrus, Anise, Pepper, Alcohol, oily


Anise, Pepper, Alcohol; aftertaste of Werthers caramel.

says on July 29, 2019
Would you buy this again? Yes
Rating: 75/100
Color: Burnt umber

General description

taste better than some other name brands. always have one bottle on stand by.

says on September 1, 2018
Would you buy this again? Yes
Rating: 86/100
Finish strength: Short
Color: Gin clear

General description

Can’t beat this inexpensive Bottle in Bond 100proof. Great on the rocks - an easy drinker - my go too

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