Eaglesburn 2015

Eaglesburn 2015
Whisky Eaglesburn 2015
Type Single Malt
Cask American Oak,Bourbon cask
Age 3 years old
Abv 47%
Rating 88/100
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says on November 9, 2018
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Rating: 88/100
Color: Deep copper

General description

I'm very excited about this tasting. For my 99th review i got the once in a lifetime opportunity to taste a distilleries first born.
This first whisky bottling comes from a micro-distillery in the Netherlands called Eaglesburn.
An iStill is used for washing and distillation. Maturation started with 10 weeks in 10L virgin oak barrels before it was layed to rest for almost 3Y in 1st fill Jack Daniels wood.
It's bottled at 47%, is uncoloured (copper) and unfiltered (raw cask).

Nosing is incredibly sweet and smooth. No alcohol is detectable and no youthful sharpness.
Opening a cigarbox loaded with autumn spices, oranges, vanilla and woodshavings next to a fresh baked apple pie. That picture comes close to this beautiful nosing.
A small amount of peat rises up after a couple of minutes in the taster.
Very nice!

On the palate I got a nice waxy mouthfeel with a lot of 'bourbony' sweetnes and spice edged fruit. Cinnamon, clove and nutmeg provide the palate with warmth and depth.

The long finish is a bit malty. A spicy fruit is teethcovering and lingering before it turns a bit dry to the end.
A nice underlayer of soft peat is present throughout the entire finish.

What a layered and well rounded spirit this is by this young, small craft-distillery.
I don't know what exactly happens behind the distillery walls, but it must come close to magic!

This must be one of the best available 3Y olds out there, if not the best.
Can't wait to taste the distilleries successive batches.
Glad i've been a witness at the birth of this beautiful firstborn.
Well done Eaglesburn!!

88 points

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