Balvenie 14 Year Old The Week of Peat

Balvenie 14 Year Old The Week of Peat
Whisky Balvenie 14 Year Old The Week of Peat
Type Single Malt
Cask American Oak
Age 14 years old
Abv 48.3%
Rating 81/100


The Dufftown-based Balvenie Distillery produces whisky in a traditional style, by using floor-malted and mainly locally grown barley. Balvenie is owned by William Grant & Sons.
Reviews of Balvenie 14 Year Old The Week of Peat
says on September 13, 2021
Would you buy this again? Yes
Rating: 85/100
Color: Amber

General description

As we all know, Balvenie doesn’t usually make peated whisky, but when it does, it often turns out to be something not banal at all. So it happens with this 14 y.o. which is part of the series “The Balvenie Stories”.
The starting argument is that the result is far from being a mere peat addition to the usual sweet and woody profile of the distillery, as in this expression the peat is present from start to finish, yet not overwhelming and well integrated with (mostly) fruity and herbal notes. The ashy and overall subtle smoke works as a constant but shifting background to a bright sequence of sweet fruits (pear, peaches), green apple and vanilla, with just a touch of pepper.
It looks quite clear that for this expression Balvenie pursued an “elegant” side of peat, achieving a fairly good balance in taste, even if less powerful than (for instance) its 2003 Peat Week of the same age.
Anyway worth a try, also considering its reasonable price.  

says on July 19, 2021
Would you buy this again? No
Rating: 85/100
Color: Deep copper

General description

Smoke, peat, caramel, vanilla, oak, floral, tannins, honey, butterscotch, toffee, lemon zest, malt, cereal, green apple, pear, leather, mossy, ashes, rubber, oatmeal

says on November 11, 2020
Would you buy this again? No
Rating: 70/100
Finish strength: Short
Color: Old gold

General description

Weird nosing and tasting a Balvenie and you get intense smoke and peat. Reminds me of Ardbeg or Caol Ile although not as good. A sweet whisky on taste but not quite as good as Islay. Balvenie, stick to what you are good at.

says on January 13, 2020
Would you buy this again? No
Rating: 20/100
Color: Gin clear

General description

Nose: strong peat, jet fuel.
Mild burn.
Palette: peat

I'm not a fan of peat.

says on December 29, 2019
Would you buy this again? Yes
Rating: 95/100
Finish strength: Long
Color: Yellow gold

General description

Sweetness & peat in a gentle way, but definitely present. Love it.

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Flavour profile

  • Smoke
  • Honey
  • Peat
  • Vanilla
  • Oak
  • Light
  • Fruit
  • Ripe
  • Caramel
  • Citrus
  • Sweet
  • Light smoke
  • Phenol
  • Banana
  • Aromatic
  • Apple
  • Forest
  • Balanced
  • Butterscotch
  • Floral
  • Delicate
  • Dominant
  • Toast
  • Heather
  • Peel
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