JP Wiser’s 23 Year Old

JP Wiser’s 23 Year Old
Whisky JP Wiser’s 23 Year Old
Type Blend
Age 23 years old
Abv 64.3%
Rating 89/100
Reviews of JP Wiser’s 23 Year Old
says on December 20, 2020
Would you buy this again? No
Rating: 88/100
Color: Burnished

General description

Canadian whisky profile, but with additional complexity and a cask strength ABV.

This 23 year old Wiser's blend comes in at 64.3% ABV. On the nose there is ginger, alcohol, vanilla, dusty oak, peach, apple, mint. The palate is vanilla, cream, light mint, slight bubblegum. The finish is pepper, caramel and oak.

Water brings more fruitiness to the nose: orange zest and strawberry. The palate becomes more creamy. This whisky takes water well.

Overall, one of the best examples of a classic Canadian whisky I've had to date (other top contenders are Alberta Premium cask strength and Alberta Premium Dark Horse).

While this is good, even on sale I think it's a bit pricy when compared to some other quality Canadian whisky.

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